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  1. Ok not panicking just getting frustrated. I cannot use the recovery partition because the drive was a total loss I was able to get the recovery files and some of the personal files off the drive using a Ubuntu LiveCD. The recovery partition was called "HDDRECOVERY" could I use that as the folder name in my recovery cd's? I am trying to create some recovery disk's for the person who owns this laptop so if this happens again I have them at hand. I used the command that was used in the firstt post on how to do this. My batch file command “ imagex /ref PREINST*.SWM /apply PREINST.SWM 1 C:\ ” I put it in a batch file created using notepad and called it "resettofactory.bat" I then put it and the SWM files into a folder called "factoryreset" Should I have just called the folder "HDDRecovery" and then another folder called zzimage?
  2. ok I have tried this method and the DVD's wont work for me I did like this post suggests and put the folder "Factoryreset" in the root of a Windoes 7 repair and when I booted it up got an error message stating that I needed to put in a bootable media device. tried it where I used the Windows 7 repair disk without the extra and was able to put the dvd with the SWM files on it into the drive but got another error. So what am I doing wrong here? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!