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  1. Simplest Method If you still have HDD Recovery on partition D, you can make Recovery Disc as normal by using Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator software : Link Download If you cannot login to Windows, just install temporary Windows 7 then install this software to burn the Recovery Disc. You need to prepare 2 DVDs. After burning successfully the 2 disks, chose option boot by CD then follow the screen. It takes almost 2 hours for completing all setting up. I had the same situation and also had success with this method just few days ago. Good luck.
  2. Yes, pnieset Firstly, you probably got something wrong during make a bootable disk. You can use Ultra ISO or Power ISO software to edit the original setup disk, then built to ISO file. Later, you burn this ISO file to disk. This is simple way to do but will not make you confuse. The second thing is that you need to check the Folder name that holding the SWM file or image.exe because as my notice, some Toshiba model has difference folder in name. You can refer this valuable topic to do similar thing for you