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  1. On the webpage it says Where can I download those?
  2. It's sad to see that this was ruined by a single post. bigmuscle, I respect your work and the amount of time you've put into this. Thank you for letting us test previews of it in the past.
  3. So, this turned into a paid app or why are so many posts about a "full version"? Oh, and with the 8.5 Version I still don't get Blur :/
  4. Will your tool be updated to work with v0.4 of the aero glass 'mod'?
  5. Changing the DeviceFeatureLevel helped. Thanks
  6. Same problem here, too. debug.log >> http://paste.sirenfal.com/view/wwoO9gmXg pic >>
  7. There's no full version yet. You'll have to wait a bit.
  8. Awesome work, but I'm getting a lot of lags due to the debug version. Could you maybe upload a sperate version without the log writing?
  9. Thank you for your hard work returning the start menu from Windows 7.
  10. Hmm... I've sent you a german translation. When I started translating, your "Have Translators" list didn't contain german. When I was looking at the list after I've sent you the translation it did...