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  1. Hello, my PC is taking up to 4-5 mins to be fully ready after a boot. I have had a look through it and there seems to be a lot of stuff loading at the start, I have tried removing some of them but when I tried to run another trace I got the error message "Could not register for callback at the next boot", even after reinstalling the tool. Do you have any idea why it cant register now? Thanks in advance for any insight. Dropbox trace file have pm'd password Edit: The error message in the log is: [2012/10/30-10:53:11.547] Performance Analyzer Power Transition Performance Testing Utility (Microsoft® Windows® Performance Analyzer) Version 6.2.9200 - © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. [2012/10/30-10:53:11.549] Detected Win7RTM physical (ReadyBoot) prefetcher; the SysMain service is auto-started. [2012/10/30-10:53:11.549] Registering for auto-run with a 120000 msec delay... [2012/10/30-10:53:11.549] Failed to open auto-run reg key with 0x00000002. [2012/10/30-10:53:11.549] Could not register for callback at next boot.