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  1. Hi, I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 (Model #: ST31000340AS, Firmware: SD1A) with the 0 LBA bug. I have hooked up the HDD to my PC using the TX, RX, and GND terminals of a USB-TTL device that uses the Prolific PL2303HX chip. I believe it works and communicates as it should, as indicated by a TX/RX loopback test. The HDD is powered using another power supply (that is connected in a PC/to a motherboard), and I connect a SATA power cable from that power supply to the HDD, then switch on the power supply and press the "ON" button on the PC to power/spin up the drive. The command "[Ctrl+z]" works as expected, as I am prompted with "F3 T>". The problem I am having is that the next command -- "m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 [Enter]" -- is taking forever to complete. It has been over 32 hours, and I have not received any prompt indicating the partition regeneration is complete. I am afraid to interrupt the process, since there are many warnings of people saying not to interrupt the partition regeneration process or risk data loss or an unrecoverable bricked HDD. I read that jclaz instructed another user -- who was also waiting for 2+ hours for the same terminal command to complete -- to wait a little longer, then power off the drive and retry if not fixed. I just want to confirm if I should do the same. If so, should I first close the terminal window, then switch off the power supply, or vice versa (or does it not matter)? Here is a screenshot of the terminal window that I have been seeing for the past 32 hours: Can someone advise how I should proceed? Thanks