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  1. i guess i wanna use something like: test.bat > testlog.txt 2> testerrors.txt to create 2 logs of my batch. 1 for erros, 1 for anything else let's pretend that this is my batch called test.bat: REM Hello REM Are you ready to keep on being logged? Pause REM I thought you were! Ekko notice the flawed "command" on the last line for which i'd expect an entry in testerrors.txt. however, when i use said command, i do not see the execution of the batch in my console (although it IS being executed). i can press "any key" to end the pause but i don't see _anything_ in my console window - like being in the dark. the logs are created exactly as i expect - but i wanna still see my batch running in console so i know if i can really end the pause without looking into the txt file manually. how can i get my 2 logs and STILL see my execution running?