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  1. Hi all. I have a old laptop which had Windows 98 on it, but it doesn't have a OS anymore. It has a 233 MHz processor, 144MB RAM, and a 2.6GB HDD. I'm trying to install Windows 98 on it but it doesn't work. I can't get it to boot to the CD. I selected CD to be the boot priority, and even did it manually, but it just says 'Operating system not found'. And yes, my installation CD works (I tried it on several other PCs). 1. I want to make it a useful laptop, so which OS shall I install? Windows XP and 2000 is probably not a good choice considering the small HDD and low CPU clock speed. BTW I don't mind if the OS is old - I'm even OK with W 95 2. Maybe installing a Linux will be more useful?? (I have zero experience with Linux though!) 3. Well, I already have a W 98 installation disc as stated earlier (that's actually the main thing I want to do), but I can't get it to boot to the CD. What to do now? 4. The laptop does however successfully boot to the floppy disk drive (I tried it), so maybe is there any way to use a floppy instead of a CD to do a clean install of a OS? (BTW, I don't have a empty floppy!) Please help me!