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  1. I've installed Windows6.1-KB975541-x86.msu, & have instructions for completing the task in the Control panel, but nothing shows up in that are when I want to "turn Windows features on & off". Any suggestions in the
  2. Tried Your fix, sir or ma'am: received "Subscription auto pruning is switched off at present ". Does that mean success or failure? Do I have to do it again? I hope not. if not, please don't reply.
  3. Sir, mysteriously it started working. All I can think of as a cause was 1 of the troubleshooters or "Fixit' modules worked & it took a reboot (none of the MS modules told me!) Being a newbie, how do I close this? Praise the Lord!
  4. Folks, I'm having a terrible problem geting Windows 7 to update. So far, I've tried the trouble-shooting items provided by the Control panel, plus 2 MS "Fixit" modules! Can anyone help me solve that problem?