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  1. Thanks jclaz. This has definitely been a "journey".
  2. Hello smart people, I am having a problem that I can't seem to find much/any info on. I followed the steps for the BSY error, and got all the way to the end message. I plugged the drive into a USB cable and it was recognized (Yay!) and I started pulling files off of it. About half way through my computer stopped recognizing the drive, and I could no longer access it. There are two partitions on the drive, one of them I can get into (with nothing of importance) and the main one I cannot. I get a mix between: E:\ is not accessible. The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable and E:\ Parameter could not be found. I have tried repeatedly (unsuccessfully) to try to get into it again, but nothing seems to work. Is this a different issue that popped up, or could it be something to do with the firmware issue. Thanks in advance for your help.