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  1. Do you get that when running setup? Try right clicking the setup and running as administrator. Whether run, download and user or administrator. Windows 8 treats StartIsBack as "beware" type software and have to hit "Run anyway". Always falls over at error message as uploaded. Using my Start8 licence until I can get StartIsBack to work on my second computer PS: Why does "Preview" in this forum constantly fall over and lose my edits?
  2. Getting this error, but only on one computer. Both have User Profiles on drive D.
  3. If I buy a five user licence, can I activate two licences now and the remaining three at a later date?
  4. Not sure whether anyone else has their User Profiles on a drive other than C. Mine is working fine with files under D:\Users\Username\Appdata\Local\StartIsBack. Also, like the fact that pulling the mouse down from the top of the screen switches to MS App Mode if I really should want it.
  5. Great. I can finally rename Folders and Filenames within the Start Menu. Please advise when I can purchase your great product.