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  1. Not for me....
  2. In the start menu, without typing anything in the search bar, it works for me too. But if I type sth. and get results, it'll only cycle downwards. It's working fine, either direction - for me, too. It's working fine, either direction - for me
  3. I never asked why you use it,all I am saying is to add a feature that possibly only one person would use would be a waste of time, especially when you only have to pin it to the taskbar next to the start button and use a left click instead of a right, I also think that asking $30 for xplorer2 is a bit much for most people to consider it, that is more then what most are paying to upgrade to Windows 8. A. is´t possible to pin so I can have it in bottom of taskbar? Then it´s no idea to have it on right-click. You have a point to that.
  4. This is not a copy of Start8 if you prefer Start8 then use that, this is meant to bring back the start menu that was taken away, hence the name, he has already added so many extra features and done an awesome job to do what he has done so far, he is just one person, Stardock would have had a whole dev team working on theirs and it's still buggy as hell. This would not be possible, he can not change the way the start menu is drawn in that way, he bound by what is in the msstyles so if you can do it on Windows 7 then he can do it on SIB but there are limits to what can be done. Did not get any answer... So I have to specify my question. Is there a way to change the link on explorer to point at xplorer2.exe ? Is this really a necessary feature, you are in a minority of users who may use this program, I have never even heard of it till now, would it not be just as easy to just pin it to the taskbar? Yes it´s possible to do, but still is right click a fast and good way to start xplorer2 Why I use it? It´s simply so that xplorer2 has all that the normal explorer should have, so why not use it? It have least 10 times better features then regular explorer, and opportunities to Customised most of what you want....
  5. Did not get any answer... So I have to specify my question. Is there a way to change the link on explorer to point at xplorer2.exe ?
  6. To Tihiy: With right-click on start I can start explorer but since I´m using xplorer2 (from zabcat) I will be happy if there is a way to change it.
  7. You only need 2 things to get windows 8 to be good, Start is back and explorer2 from Zabcat (install takes over from installed explorer)
  8. Activated and running
  9. Great program! Where and how to buy license? /Rojac