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  1. Hello again, It does not work either. When I am trying to recover some of my files it shows me nothing. Actually I only had one bestcrypt volume inside the partition, one big block, 55 Giga I guess, so if I cannot recover it intact it wouldn't be any help because it must be mounted it as a drive with a password to show me the information. I suppose it was to much paranoia on my part having the ssd whole disk encrypted and all the information being contented inside a volume drive on that disk. So when the error occurred any information on the ssd was mixed up all together. Thank you anyway jaclaz for your time and professionalism. I read most of your post on this forum and I thing you are doing a great job.
  2. Hello everybody, I have a SSD Corsair CSSD-R60GB2 which was initially formated as NTFS from windows comander program afterwards whole disk encrypted with bestcrypt. It is connected at my laptop PC through a e-sata cable with an additional usb power cable supply, and mounted in windows as a removable device. Normally when the computer is shutting down the SSD is automatically dismounted and I usually manually disconnect the usb cable by myself from the laptop. However one day I forgot to do this, and when I powered on the laptop the SSD wasn't recognized by the windows 7 and saw it as RAW. I managed to decrypted it with the help of the rescue files from bestcrypt, but windows did't recognized the decrypted disk with a valid filesystem partition. First I used teskdisk to reconstruct the MBR and restore the MFT from it's backup. I found a valid NTFS partion there and I wrote it on the disk but the error is still there. I am attaching a lot of log files from different programs I used to gather more details about my problem. If you have any ideas about a possible solution please give me an advice. Thanks and I appreciate your help. Grillsar Corsair CSSD-R60GB2.rar