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  1. Of course it's by design. If you have only modern apps there, you can't pin desktop ones. Go to Taskbar Properties - Jump lists and uncheck 'store and display recently opened items in Jump lists' Do you think you can add a "Add To Apps Screen" button : I currently uninstalled all my Apps cause i don't see a use for them So i only have the desktop APP on the Start screen With the original Start screen if you install something It goes Thare Just try to install K-lite Codaks Pack and see 10 desktop apps be added I would like to have more control I would like to see apps,shortcuts here that only I put thare I dont want to Waste The Start screen,by not using it at all Edit:PS: Can you add a button to remove the See-true Affect of the Taskbar (or may-by a Ocopasedy slider) Will ther be Different Skins ? This is the Best Start button I have Seen On the NET Thank you
  2. Im not sure if this is a bug or by design? But when you go to "APP" mode you cannot add shortcuts to the "Start Screen" It would be nice if i can add shortcuts to EXE or Folders To the "Start screen" when in "app mode" Maby somthing like "Pin to App Screen" when rite clicking on a File or Folder... Thanx