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  1. Well I'd go with what works... but... I recommend you put your XP files on a network share. That way you don't need to worry about UFDs either. We have the media on distributed network shares as well but in remote locations where they are reinstalling machines on a slow line (read 64KB ISDN) where the distributed shares aren't available it is not an option. Guess I'll have to send this off to MS support so they can have a look at it as there clearly is a bug in the x86-version of the WinPE 4.0-media!
  2. The full I386-media folder from Windows XP It's just a way of being able to speed up the actual WinXP local media build and not having to keep the USB media plugged in, something my local IT-guys appreciate when they can load the WIM in to memory in appx 10s with an USB 3.0 memory and then go to the next machine. Pump and dump if you will. The strange thing is that it works with PE 3.1 and 4.0RC but not with the full RTM-release of 4.0. x64 works. So there has to be a bug in the x86 4.0-release. Could someone take the time and verify that this happens on other installations? Just build a standard x86 PE, add one feature (Scripting perhaps) and then just copy the I386 folder to root of the mount folder before committing the changes. // Martin
  3. Hi! First post here for me, here goes. I have created a WinPE-boot for our WinXP-deployments, we are using some PowerShell scripts hence using 4.0, which crashes and reboots on loading now that I've updated the ADK 8 from RC->RTM. As soon as the file size of the boot.wim goes somewhere above 600Mb's and any module (Scripting/WMI/MDAC/HTA/PowerShell) is integrated and enabled it crashes on load. The strange thing is that it works with the image files that came out with the RC of ADK 8.0, the one released in conjunction with MDT2012. Currently my testing environment consists of a VMWare Workstation 8.0.4 machine but the same issue exists regardless of which hardware I am running. Any ideas appreciated! Btw.. Is there any way I can set some debugging params with bcdedit (like not rebooting the PE environment upon blue screening). Update edit: This is NOT happening with the x64 image so might just be a bug in the ADK?