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  1. Hi... Great prject. Could you offer it in a portable form (Better using PortableApps Framework)? When I say Portable I mean it writes nothing to Registry and uses only the program folder (No Use of AppData, User Folders, etc...). Thank You.
  2. Hello, Today I restarted my computer and suddenly the desktop took time to get responsive. After that I gor a message about Windows Defender Service Stopped. When I try to Start it, I get the following: I tried 2 Anti Virus scans (Mcafee Stinger and CalmWin) which reports everything is OK. The error code is 0x800700d8 which gave only something about Microsoft Exchange which I don;t have or not using (Have no Outlook or Outlook account). I tried restarting the computer few times. Got the result, desktop isn't responsive for few seconds and then the error of the Windows Defender. What's the issue? Thank You.
  3. Well, It seems that in that regard Windows 8 and 8.1 are different. In Windows 8.1 OneDrive is built in and enabled only when using Online Account and it is disabled for local accounts.
  4. @HarryTri, Did you manage to install it on Windows 8.1? Could you please elaborate? Thanks.
  5. Hi, Of course I can do what ever I want on the web UI. I meant some like installing the OneDrive application on Windows 7, namely integration with Windows Explorer (OneDrive as a local folder). This can't be done on Windows 8 / 8.1 as Microsoft won't let you install the application. Thank You.
  6. It's risky to give up details like that. Maybe Open Source solution?
  7. I wrote that I know it is integrated and now requires Online Account to work. I asked specifically if there's a bypass to make it work on Local Account. Thank You.
  8. Hello, As for now, Microsoft doesn't allow installing / using OneDrive on Local Accounts when using Windows 8.1. Is there a way to bypass it and install OneDrive client (With the OS integration) on Local Account? That's the only thing preventing me from using Windows 8.1. Thank You.
  9. Features I'd like to see in Windows: Restore clean install - Restore all parameters to their defaults including windows size and positions. Just like a newly installed computer. Each Program for its own - End this "dll" and registry dependence. Each program should have its own directory which includes any dependency it needs. No shared "dll" etc... Uninsatlling a program means deleting the directory, as simple as that. Built in media files indexer - We have a lot of videos, music, pdf's, eBooks etc. I'd like to have some kind of an indexer program to handle this.
  10. Hello. I have Windows 7 64 Bit installed. At first I created the Administrator User (Let's Call user A). Later I gave the computer to my dad so I created user B and gave it Administrator permissions. Then I deleted User A. All other things remained the same. Since then I can't access any other computer on the network (Private, All Sharing settings has been applied in a way to allow other to access the computer on PC computers in the Network). Moreover some settings (Firewall exception for instance) of the Previous user can be deleted know. I guess it has something to do with the way Windows logon into other Windows PC's. Is there a way to reset all the Network Settings in order to reconstruct it as User B is the only user ever logged into the computer? Thanks.
  11. It's not a notebook. It's an internal HD attached by a SATA adapter.
  12. Are there more options? It doesn't seem to reset some properties of Windows Explorer windows. Thanks.
  13. It's an NTFS drive. My guess the file table is corrupted or something. 2 days ago it worked. Thanks.
  14. Hello. Got an H.D. attached by a SATA controller to my computer. When I click on "My Computer" I can't see it. I tried right click on Computer and "Manage". This is what I see under "Disk Management": As you can see, Windows recognize "Disk 2" yet won't assign it a drive letter. When I click on "Change Drive Letter and Path" I get an error message: Needless to say refreshing it won't help. Anyhow, the Disk worked just before I installed Windows 7 (It's a gresh installation). So it's somekind of "New Hard Drive". It contains valuable data. Any idea how to access it? Maybe it lost its File Table? Thanks. P.S. By mistake I post it twice. Please remove the other copy, Sorry.
  15. It seems to work! Thanks.