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  1. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    Don't get it, so many people having problems. I had AeroGlass installed on 8.1, installed update 1, and when Windows rebooted symbols downloaded and It's working perfectly.
  2. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    Just installed update 1, and Glass windows are working perfectly. Symbols downloaded automatically, thanks BM.
  3. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    Any time frame on Windows 8.1 Glass working with the new Windows update.
  4. Thankyou, I'll figure out why it's happening soon I hope
  5. Nothing works, even tried downloading from my old Xp PC. every time I try to go to website, a Mediacom page comes up saying the page cannot be found
  6. Any chance you could e-mail me the zip file of it. For some reason ever time I click on the link it says that it can't be found. Must be my ISP
  7. Link still doesn't work, do you have an alternate link?
  8. When I click on your link, I get nothing. Is there another link?
  9. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    Thanks for the reply BigMuscle, I uninstalled the update, it really has no new features I care about. Besides that I would rather have the Glass Windows.
  10. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    Installed the new 8.1 update 1 msu's and AeroGlass isn't working now, any ideas or will it have uninstall these updates to get Glass back?
  11. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    Great work BigMuscle, just installed and Donated. AeroGlass is working flawlessly.
  12. Aero Glass for Win8.1 RTM RC3

    Working perfectly, thank you, can't wait until it's final. Definitely worth paying for !
  13. windows 8 file explorer acting strange any ideas please

    I had the same problem when I did an upgrade to 8.1 from 8. I think the video drivers from Win 8 caused it. I went and did a clean install of 8.1, and installed the Drivers made for 8.1 by Nvidia and haven't had a problem since.
  14. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Has anyone tried this with the leaked builds of Windows 8.1, if it doesn't work with it then the testing stage may turn out to be a on going thing. Surely Microsoft is aware of this project, so I can see them doing 1 of 2 things. Either putting glass back into Windows to kill Big Muscles project, or constantly changing things to mess up his project.