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  1. Cool. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Firstly I'm having a little trouble with adding orbs; the Add button does not work. It opens a dialog and I can select a .bmp, but nothing happens when do that. I can work around it by moving the file to the orbs folder. Also is there any indication as to which ones will work? For example works, whereas the ones in don't. Anything I should look for when I'm importing? Secondly, and not at all related to orbs, I have my task bar on my second screen on the far left of my dual-monitor setup. When I right click on the orb, the menu appears on far right. No biggie. It's just a bit weird. Lastly, with the "enable top screen edge" option, would it be possible to add that to all screens in a multi-monitor setup and be able to drag down from whichever monitor you want? Sometimes I use the Modern UI on my primary monitor and sometime (if I'm playing a game), I use it on my secondary monitor. That said, I'm loving this program. As soon as you get the final version and running, I'll register right away.