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  1. Can anyone please help me out? This is driving me crazy and I need to resolve it. Thanks you.
  2. Inside your config.txt, try: GUIMode="2" config.txt (saved as UTF-8 file) ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="2" MiscFlags="4" RunProgram="x86:hidcon:cmd /c \"%%T\\file_x86.cmd"" RunProgram="x64:hidcon:cmd /c \"%%T\\file_x64.cmd"" ;!@InstallEnd@! I think the batch need to be improved: file_x86.cmd @echo off MKDIR "%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\Program\Test" XCOPY /Y "%~dp0library.dll" "%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\Program\Test\" /C /I /E /H /R REN "%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\Program\Test\library.dll" library.bak DEL /F /Q "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Program\Test\file.exe" REGEDIT /S "%~dp0regfile.reg" shutdown -r -t 3 Assuming the regfile.reg and library.dll are inside your SFX file! However, I think it's not a good idea to restart the computer at last using SFX file with a batch file! Because the temp folder will be removed and the batch file is already in use and errors may occurs. *Edit: errors about quotes inside config.txt updated and corrected! Hello, Hopefully I can get some help. The MiscFlags="4" is not working for me as well. I tried using the 7zsd_All.sfx and 7zsd_LZMA2.sfx. I'm very new to SFX so just to be clear - I would like the sfx executable I'm creating to prompt for administrator. Config: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! Title="Enterprise 6.0.1" GUIMode="2" MiscFlags="4" RunProgram="x64:%%T\x64\setup.exe" RunProgram="x86:%%T\x86\setup.exe" ;!@InstallEnd@! Thanks in advanced!