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  1. cheese!
  2. I found a very nice software http://axcrypt.sourceforge.net/ does all the things, true 128 bit encryption however you need to read how to achieve it, and has a built in shreder
  3. Thanks a lot everyone, I'll give them a try! Edit: I tried TrueCrypt but it seems only to create encrypted volumes (drives). What I'm looking for is an application with a particular function where I choose what files to encrypt with a password and what not, just like when you right-click on a file(s) to archieve them using winrar or winzip. ->I suppose GnuPG is for linux boxes, I need smth that works on winxp.
  4. Heyllo, Can anyone suggest me a good encryption/decryption software that supports 128 bit encryption and higher. Tons of thanks
  5. 1 open the heatsink carefully (never apply pressure on cpu die) 2 clean the die carefully with alcohol without leaving any old thermal material and clean the heatsing with a nail polisher followed by alcohol 3 after cleaning part, apply a thin layer of thermal compound (never mix 2 compunds together) all over the cpu die surface (can be done with a pen) 4 install carefully the heatsink (be careful to do not crack the die and do not apply presuure) 5 u r done! btw check the FSB frquency, it could be that u've put it higher than it's suppose to be unlesss u r not overclocking
  6. ye i think it's very high and I think 80C and higher can melt you cpu in liguid here are some useful thinks to do/check: -check if the thermal sensor is properly attached to CPU -apply arctic silver 5 solution instead of silicon and chip thermal pastes -get yourself a bigger heatsink and cooler (like www.thermaltake.com) Im thinking it could be the low amount of thermal paste but am not sure. >>U never need to put big amount of thermal compounds just make sure u cover it with a thin layer all over the die surface.
  7. After i upgraded my audio card to Audigy 2 zs Platinum i remarked that when i keep pressing my keyboard keys constantly while listening music, i can hear some scratches and delays in my speakers most of the time. I donno if this problem is related to a driver bug or probably i did smth wrong in settings Anyone familiar to this? It really p***es me off :s My PC Specs are: "Hardware" Processor: AMD Athlon (Barton) 3200+ (at 2.2Ghz, 400Mhz FSB) Mainboard: MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR (with nForce 2 400 Ultra) (Audio card disabled) RAM: 512Mb DDR PC3200 (Dual Channel 2x256Mb) Graphic's Card: nVidia fx 5200 (AGP 8x) Audio Card: Audigy 2zs Platinum (PCI) Keyboard: Logitec PS/2 Access Keyboard "Software" OS: Windows XP Pro SP1 (with all current critical updates) Drivers: All drivers are up to date Same problem occurs with WMP9 and Winamp 2.91 :/
  8. yes thats true, i also had few problems with 6 after i removed 4
  9. try to reenter your pass again. Sometimes it happens to me 2
  10. yes try this: 1)uninstall MSN 6 completely 2)go to your hotmail inbox change your country to US use New York state zip=11368 3)reinstall MSN 6 and it should work or you can create a new account using the same location as mentioned above Enjoy
  11. actually build 4051 or even higher is already exist, but still not leaked
  12. join #winbeta-ads on irc and ull find out www.winbeta.org
  13. just reenter your password. same thing happens to me after i reboot my box