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  1. Hello, blackwingcat! i'm new to here, via google search "windows 2000 kernel32". It's so great brilliant work you've done! And I came through all the replies from the early 2011 to yesterday. I would say it will be a great help to me if you can release a new Simple-Chinese version, because i really really want to make Daemon Tools Lite or GoAgent (a lovely GAE app that help Chinese people to be able to connect youtube, facebook, twitter, etc) working on my lovely Windows 2000 SP4! The v2 Sim-Chinese version of kernelEx seems a bit old. I can see you released most version of KernelEx in Tra-Chinese. I don't know if you have a plan or just not bother to release a Sim-Chinese version. Could you give me a reply? BTW, i don't know programming or some thing similar, so if no Sim-Chinese will be released, i'll just simply use an English Windows 2000 alternatively, then i can still can use the new KernelEx, that's OK - though my English is just soso. Looking forward to your reply :-)