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  1. This is gonna be a long one so get ready. Before coming to you guys I've done my homework. My opinion is that this is a general software / hardware problem and not necessarily a sound card /sound system problem. I have been experiencing for a few months audio dropouts and artifacts (pops & cracks). Here is the list of things that I have done to try fixing the problem (the order is random): - Reinstalled windows. Tryed both 86 bit & 64bit version. - Updated moderboard drivers / sound drivers. - Got the latest windows 7 updates. - Installed 86 bit Windows xp Proffesional. And noticed I have no audio problems using that one even with old motherboard & sound drivers. - I have a integrated sound card. Disabled that one from bios and got an Creative Sound Blaster (don't know exactly with one, it's a new version 2009 I think) SAME exact problems, even with the Creative sound card. - Adjusted CPU power management to High: processor power management - minimum processor state 100% - maximum processor state 100%. Same problem, didn't work. - Changed the Processor Scheduling: whent to Advanced System Settings - Performance Option - Advanced - selected "Background services" . Did NOT work. - Messed around with the buffer size of audio sampling. Did not work. - Whent to BIOS and disabled CPU Termal Throttle. Did not work. - Alsow in BIOS, changed PCI Latency Timer from lowest of 32 whent up to 96. Somebody told me that if it's to low bad, to high bad. I tested a few different options. NOTHING worked. OK! I found the problem using LatencyMon: raspppoe.sys (RAS PPPoE mini-port/ call manager-driver) This raspppoe.sys is killing my sound. and the thing is I NEED HIM! Cuz my lame a** internet provider is forcing me to use a dial-up VPN connection. I have to connect this system so I can connect to the net. My system specs are: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 x86 updated 2012 november CPU: QuadCore AMD Phenom II X4 840, 3119 MHz Motherboard: ASRock M3N78D (yes it sucks) Memory: 4gb DD3 Kingstone Video Card: Sapphire ati hd 5670 Storage: SATA 2 Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm , buffer size 32 mb PSU : Corsair CX600