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  1. I never use it and I feel like it's just wasted space. I guess that would fall under skinning. No, and not planned. Do you want to get rid of it for functional or skinning purpose?
  2. Is there anyway to hide the search bar on the test build?
  3. That worked. Thanks. I *think* (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that you have to create a shortcut file to the program in question, rename that, and then pin the shortcut? That's been a known issue for a while....beta 3 of 1.0 I think. The solution is to hit shift then right click and select rename. Renaming from the general tab will cause all sorts of problems.
  4. Does anyone else have problems with renaming icons that have been pinned to the start menu? I right click the icon, go to properties and then change the name of the icon on the General tab. After doing this the name of the icon changes but clicking the icon no longer runs the program.