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  1. Great thread Jorge. I recognize those commenters from many other threads over there and it is nice to see them all in one place clearly summarizing the Windows 8 and Metro debacle. This has been going on for well over a year now with practically no backtracking or mea culpa from Microsoft. Consequently, the opinions of several of those commenters are being proved correct. This is bad news for traditional Windows users and bad news for Microsoft. It's bad news all around. Suicide is an inexplicable act. Is that a bunch of hooey they told him? I thought that Win8 was supposed to be able to run on any PC that could run Vista or Win7. Without knowing the specifics of this case, we can say one thing absolutely for sure about any given computer: If an an Operating System works on a given computer, but the next Operating System does not, something changed in the Operating System. This is entirely consistent with Planned Obsolescence. When this happens, we can no longer call it an Operating System at all. Or call it Apple Computer....come on how about a little iChuckle? I'm not sure I'd call Staples a 'big-box electronics retailer'