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  1. Respected sir, I have last doubt. (With your grate help, My all doubts clear). I am making Pagemaker Addon with SFX Maker and PAGE MAKER had many files, So I selected Diretory Option and selected SETUP.EXE only. Is this correct? And where can I save this Addon( I mean, Orginal files are in another DRIVE, and Addon in another DRIVE).
  2. No sir, personal use only. And thank you very much
  3. Respected Sir, I have another doubt. Can I Auto format with NLITE. Why because when I insert CD/DVD in my DVD-Rom it not giving Format option(And not asking USER Agreement also). But if I insert that CD in CD-ROM, It showing DRIVE FORMAT option. (I have CD Drive and DVD drive, But now I am using DVD-ROM only. Please help me "How can I auto Format C-Drive with Nlite. Or there any Idea to format from DVD-ROM. Thanking you to your Kindly help
  4. Thank you sir, for your help
  5. I want to make addons with registration keys are Nero 8 MS Office 2007 Pagemaker AVG internet security2013 and etc (Above softwares and Keys I had, But how to make addon with Serial Key)
  6. Sir, I want to make some addons with NLITE Addon maker or SFX MAKER. But I want to insert Registratin key/Serial key into that Addons (I have Serial keys), when I installing programmes, they asking serial key input. So I want to put serial keys in that ADDONS to unattend setup. Please elp me in this purpose. My problem is:...... I have serial keys, But i want to add them when making addons for unattend installing.