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  1. I am sorry that this is such an elementary question, but I'm a bit stuck. I have an Asus P5K-E motherboard, and I want to integrate the RAID driver. The board has an ICH9R controller. I am installing XP Home. I have slipstreamed SP3, and I skipped the hotfixes, as I am doing the slipstreaming on a different PC running a different version of windows. I have no problem with windows updating itself later. I have got to the point where nlite asks 'Integrate Drivers for the Installation'. I have already downloaded the latest RAID driver from the Asus website, and extracted the 32 bit floppy data to a separate directory. nlite asks me for an inf file, and there are two there to choose from iaAHCI.inf and iaStor.inf. Which one do I choose? NB: I have tried again with 'multiple drivers' option, and it did not ask me to choose. Is that the way to go? Thanks