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  1. I just purchased a Canon Rebel T3i DSLR (600D) and wanted to control it with PTP on Windows 2000; I had decided to try migrating the PTP dlls from XP and give it a go but instead discovered a PTP driver from Canon (ostensibly for the EOS 5D) which is written for WIndows 2000 and Windows 98 and worked well for me on Win2k to manage the T3i. Here is a short list of how to install it: 1. Download Canon PTP driver for EOS 5D here: 2. unzip the (exe) archive to a target dir 3. unpack (extract /e) '' to a different target dir 4. edit the included '.INF' file to add the T3i/600D (make any obvious needed changes) 5. plug in the camera to the usb port and complete the install using the edited '.INF' file 6. control the camera using the EOS Utility (version Note: when I first plugged in the camera, the 'select imaging utility' dialog popped up once just like in WIA under XP -- just ignore it if you don't want to make any association and it won't nag you.