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  1. Can we create SFX using Winrar, which can throw error based on system architecture? Suppose, a program has to be installed in C:\Program Files (x86) and user changed the extraction path to C:\Program Files, I want that extraction in this case should throw error, as my program should not get installed in this directory ....C:\Program Files.... Can somebody help me in this?
  2. I have one question regarding SFX archives created using WinRAR and I am expecting a very fast reply as it is very urgent for me. I have to create one SFX file that can be installed in both, 32 or 64 bit machines. But, I want to know if it is possible to give the extraction path dynamically, i mean Can the SFX itself decide in which %ProgramFiles% it should extract contents.? In 32 bit we have Program Files folder and in 64 bit, we have Program files(x86). Please help me ASAP