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  1. Windows 10 cold boot fast, restart slow.

    Fast Startup is not enabled when a system restarts. This is by design and cannot be changed. Restarts are expected to last longer. When you shutdown, Fast Startup is enabled so when you turn it back on, you get a fast boot. A restart is different.
  2. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Many thanks for the excellent new version. It seems the search bar is a bit cropped here (1680x1050, 125% DPI, Win 10 Pro x64). Also, don't know if it's already available or possible, but a "detect pending Windows updates and install on shutdown" option would be great to have. update: switched the skins around and now it looks ok again (all skins ok)
  3. StartIsBack+ 1.7.5

    I think there is no warning that the user will be logged off during uninstall. This can lead to some serious data/work loss...
  4. StartIsBack+ 1.7.5

    Thanks for the update. Got the same non-plus download as rseiler. This never happened with the previous SiB+ updates.
  5. StartIsBack+ 1.7.5

    Using a left-vertical taskbar. With the new RC, the taskbar stays on top of the menu, practically hiding a good part of it.
  6. StartIsBack+ 1.7.5

    Are you sure that 8.1 behaviour is the same? Have a look here: Thanks - hmm, I don't remeber ever seeing it. Even if it's now there, doesn't look like it's set as default, but merely as an extra shutdown type/option.
  7. StartIsBack+ 1.7.5

    Thanks for the beta. A request, probably already asked for. An option to force installation of Windows' updates during shutdown, if it's pending. This will execute a full shutdown (the regular shutdown type in Win 7 and earlier), instead of the hibernation-type shutdown Windows 8 uses as default. Current Windows 8/8.1 behaviour is quite annoying and questionable security-wise. It'll only install pending updates with a restart. If no restart ever occurs, it'll force the update (and the restart) after some days onto the user. I know it's not directly related to SiB's function, but it is adds extra security for the user. Also, since SiB emulates older start menus, the option Shutdown and install updates (or sth. like that) was present in older Windows versions. Not sure about this, but I think it was the only option available when there where pending updates.
  8. StartIsBack+ 1.7.5

    Do the auto-update check within SiB+ and it'll give you the download link directly.
  9. StartIsBack+ 1.7.5

    After upgrading to SiB+ (1.5.1) and 8.1, I think it feels slower than the previous 8.0 version. When I perfom a search and hit enter, it can take at worst even 3-4 seconds for the menu to close and the program to launch. Doesn't always happen, but it's less responsive than SiB 2.1.2. Tried adding the StartIsBack folder to the antivirus exclusion list (not Defender).
  10. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Thanks for the great updates. Noticed a minor issue, sometimes when signing out of the guest account and logging back in to main admin account, the Start Screen will open up instead of the Desktop.
  11. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    That would be great, although I think Windows 8 is to blame for that behaviour. It seems to require a reboot for immediately installing updates. A shutdown will not work (updates will be forced some days later). Also, an older request: have the Win key behave as default in the Start Screen, meaning having to just press Win to get back to the Desktop instead of say, Win+Alt. Currently, pressing Win takes you to the desktop but also opens the start menu.
  12. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Incredible update. No Windows 8 installation should be without SiB. Icon loading is much, much faster (there is still a tiny delay, but it's milliseconds and practically unnoticeable) and the blank icons are gone. Thanks.
  13. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Glad to report that this issue is fixed in upcoming 2.0 beta 1. Perfect, thanks a lot!
  14. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Is there any progress on the icon-loading issue (blank-page icon)? Something else we could try on our PC's? Very nice buttons, keep 'em coming!