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  1. There is no \FileSystems\ ?
  2. I stopped autochk from running, there is no difference in boot time.
  3. Again there was little to no difference in boot time. Any idea why smss.exe would be taking so long?
  4. All I got from the graph was ' System Processes (4) ' Also I renamed Autochk.exe, but there was no difference in the boot time.
  5. The fast startup option in the power options? I am using it. My ETL is 100mb
  6. yes, those are 3 critical Windows processes which run all the time. Ignore this. I was asking because my fresh install of Windows 8 takes 5+ minutes or so to boot. summary_boot.xml
  7. <unexpectedLonglived> <process name="smss.exe" startTime="5376" endTime="-1" lifetime="-1"/> <process name="csrss.exe" startTime="426505" endTime="-1" lifetime="-1"/> <process name="csrss.exe" startTime="428346" endTime="-1" lifetime="-1"/> is this normal?