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  1. hi Kelsenellenelvian , thanks for the prompt reply.... attached is Gina.cpp...which i am using...let me know if u require any more info....Gina.txt
  2. i have created custom gina to iplement a password reset button at logon screen. Everything is working fine except the environment is not setting at all.i.e logon server,Home drive, homepath etc.
  3. I have developed a new custom gina. when i am using this gina, profile environment is not setting from network. c:\ access is blocked for users and all system connected to AD. I can't see LOGONSERVER, HOMEDRIVE, HOMEPATH setting after logging in. Please suggest a solution....
  4. still waiting for any response....
  5. It's the fifth function, third argument from the left, that is invalid and that conflicts with MS09-012 (956572) . please explain the higlighted text..... Regards: skytemp
  6. yes i also suspect that this is new patches issue.... but i need to make out exact cause of this problem....Please help
  7. worked well and fine for 10 systems ....but 2-3 systems giving this problem. please suggest some way....
  8. Hi friends, I have created a "reset password" button on the logon screen on clt+alt+del by creating a new ginaX.dll. I have put this ginaX.dll along with msgina.dll in windows\system32\ folder. Thanks in advance. Regards: Skytemp