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  1. hi Ptr Metapad 3.51 workson my System and also office 2000.. i only install Xeno kernel update before i install this service pack, so far i dont encountered some errors..
  2. Any idea how to edit these explorer(editing Build Date or customizing entry) for my custom explorer, what file do i need to edit?..
  3. Site doesn't work for me 'http://'
  4. under install.cmd file add this entry Note: These are my settings,, U can do it as per ur settings as well <{POST_SNAPBACK}> tnx for the reply pal.... is this work in win2kpro?... coz im working with it.. anyway i will try it now... again tnx very much
  5. I am noob here... any one can help me how to put mytweak.reg to my unattended windows and it will automate during the installation process?... any help is greatly appreciated..