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  1. What style are you trying to fly? Is it full msstyles? Gimme style with all classes in place and i'll try to make SIB work
  2. Program Files subdir is not writeable without admin privileges. Previously Orbs and Styles there were made world-writeable but that presented a (minor) security degradation. So now all files are written in %localappdata%\StartIsBack
  3. Where would you want to put Cache folder? It is mandatory now.
  4. StartIsBack++ 2.0 RC http://www.startisback.com/StartIsBackPlusPlus_setupBETA.exe 2.0 is feature complete now. Your feedback is welcome!
  5. StartIsBack++ 2.0 BETA2 http://www.startisback.com/StartIsBackPlusPlus_setupBETA.exe
  6. BETA crashes and glitches on 15031. 1.3.4 works.
  7. StartIsBack does not use DirectWrite. ClearType is possible on non-translucent parts.
  8. Yes, it's normal for this beta. Next beta i'll move them out of temp directory. Customatic-like solution with theme format with import from msstyles would be great solution, no? Not having to adapt styles for each new build? I grew hatred for WSB crashing left and right.
  9. Do system msstyles fly at all in RS3? I don't like kludgefest required for their support.
  10. StartIsBack++ 2.0 BETA http://www.startisback.com/StartIsBackPlusPlus_setupBETA.exe StartIsBack++ 2.0 introduces full taskbar skinning and simplified configuration UI. Changelog and more stuff pending. Tested on Win10 builds 14393-15019. Note that latest Insider builds are quite buggy. This is a unfinished BETA version and may crash and burn so take care!
  11. Some teasing
  12. Support for 14915 http://startisback.com/StartIsBackPlusPlus_setup.exe
  13. Hi,

    i know this is old but could you please upload file http://tihiy.ahanix.org/rpXbeta2.zip under some working host.


    1. Kippykip


      I'd like a copy too

    2. el_coco


      Yes! I would like a copy too! thanks Tihiy!

  14. Slightly fixed version is on (should fix some crashes).
  15. Sorry guys. Fixed that.