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  1. Results to my win2k3

    Hi folks, well on my Old Slow Machine (Pentium 200 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 6.4 GB Hard Disk) Win 2K3 Ent. Server from power on - logon - Start Button - Icons on destop - Shutdown - power off takes less than 2 minutes tops. If you have long delays that likely could be IRQ's that never happen. Causes the hardware to hang for quite some time till a Timeout occurs. Could be sound card, network card, adapter card drivers that have "Bugs". Have a look at your hardware config or Plug and Play stuff for anything that does not look right. Cheers.
  2. Tablet PC

    Well Tablets have at least 1 USB port so you can easily add an external Hard Disk or CD ROM when needed. Can use the new Keychain Flash RAM modules for storage as well...
  3. Tablet PC

    Hi folks, was looking at these things lately. A tablet form of the PC is a great idea if you need to pack something like that around. Unfortunately the designers keep Shooting Themselves in the Foot. A big weekness with Laptops was the "Hinge" which breaks more likely sooner than later. Rather than eliminating the "Hinge" the Tablet makers have made it even a "Bigger Nightmare"..... All a Tablet really needs is some kind of slide on/off hard cover like a pocket calculator has. The rest of it could be only one part.....When was the last time your pocket calculator quit working/fell apart????