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  1. I have a problem with auto login to windows. If I make a password to my local account and then setup to auto login with this password, windows stops at the login screen and asks for a password. I confirmed that it is related to DWM hook because if I disable it to load then windows login automatically. Would someone try to replicate it. I am using windows 8 x64. Thanks
  2. With this theme the task bar looks almost like in Windows 7, but the loader crashes when I hover on the task bar icon thumbnails. Does it happen to you also?
  3. Hi, The links for your application are dead. Thanks
  4. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled your software and it seems that the problem have gone. Thank you for your quick support. John
  5. Hi, I am using StartIsBack Version 1.2.1. If I add a Tool bar to the Task bar. it disappear after I reboot the Computer. It happens also if I add the Windows Language bar to the Task Bar (the one that changes the keyboard languages). It never happend before I install this Software. Please try replicating this. Thanks, John