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  1. If you don't want taskbar or start menu transparency. Set the slider to 100% instead of 0
  2. Using the latest StartIsBack++ 1.0.1 I am facing this issue when using some styles in right to left arabic windows 10 and also some menu items in the configuration window not translated into Arabic Language and it appears left to right instead of right to left when translating the missing items. I mean the configuration window. Screen shot attached using the Aerobydesign style Regards Here the Full translation of Arabic Attached below AR-SA.txt
  3. #16
  4. First I confirm the startisback++ is working great and looking great in windows 10 build 10162 I personally prefer the round user picture in windows 10
  5. Confirming blank black screen after installation. I had to remove and reinstall 1.6.0 beta .. No spring update yet I'm using Windows 8.1 x86.
  6. Hi, Tihiy I am Just giving you feedback: When ticking or unticking :"Automatically check for new versions" small square, the Apply button state does not change, always disabled. SIB+ 1.5 beta 1. Windows 8.1 X86.
  7. Hi Tihiy Thank you for sib+ 1.05RC I am kindly requesting these two features: 1- Allow arranging or sorting of the start menu right pane items ( This Pc, Documents, Pictures, .. etc) 2- Ability to backup and restore the configuration settings of SIB+ And finally I have a question about the max width and height of the start orbs to be used with sib+
  8. Reprot of explorer crash I am using SIB+ release 1, in windows 8.1 32bit I don't usually use the windows XP fly out menu but today I decide to give it ago : 1- Choosing ( Display as fly out menu ) Windos XP style and click apply then ok. 2-Clicking on start menu orb and ,hovering the mouse cursor to the Start app ( windows8 modern applications) folder 3-The explorer crashed and restarting after some time, this behaviour repetedly occured . I tried to hover over the other folders ( eg: Administrative tools ), no problem the submenu shown . Edit : I renamed the Start Application folder to Windows 8 applications When I rebuild the system icon cache the submenu is shown with some blanked icons
  9. Thank you for the final release I couldn't find those keys under "[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\StartIsBack]"! How to add those keys manualy? and how to set their values " Thank you Just waiting for your reply.
  10. Thank you for the final release I couldn't find those keys under "[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\StartIsBack]"! How to add those keys manualy? and how to set their values " Thank you
  11. Just come back to give you feed back : The Arabic translation is working fine in this last version StartIsBack+ RC5 Sib is working great, it is No1 world wide Thank you so much for this great software.
  12. THe visual styles are arranged from Z to A in the configuration window !
  13. Thank you for your reply. I think I will have to live with it, just one click to remove what I don't like .