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  1. nLite dead end

    Yes!! Thanks everybody for the help! Windows installed on SSD. The problem was indeed the right driver. Downloaded the m5287 and it began. Only thing is, it does'nt seem to be a happy marriage between XP and SSD. The Samsung SSD software Magician cannot tune it`s own device and the tweaks I read about (TRIM on, defragmentation off etc.) seem to be no option in XP....
  2. nLite dead end

    SSD is connected to the first (red) sataconnection on the motherboard. That's why it appears in the bootdevicelist of the bios. I have integrated 32 bit ULI SATAdriver as textmode. I don`t have, as mentioned before, the option in bios for AHCI or RAID. Only on page advanced in bios SATA enabled or disabled.
  3. nLite dead end

    You´re very right, did replace the driver for the 32 bits one. But the problem remains that windows-install cannot find a harddisk. As I said it does not list sata in the mainsector of the bios (primary-secondary) because the bios autodetects IDE only. But the SSD does appear in the bootsector of the bios with it's denomination Samsung 830. When starting up the bios info comes by with the list : 0 primary Samsung 830 .
  4. nLite dead end

    Yes, install disc detects the HDD, which is IDE, but not the SSD when replaced. I understood one has to turn on AHCI in the bios for a SSD, but it´s not there.
  5. nLite dead end

    Burnt the Nlite bootable dvd with satadrivers succesfully, plugged in the ssd, out the hdd. Startted windows-install, but it cannot detect a hdd. In bios(ASUS P5RDI-VM) the ssd is in the bootdeviceslist but not in the main master-slavelist. Bios autodetects IDE-devices only and I don't see a ACHI option in the bios, only ACPI(?)
  6. nLite dead end

    PS. Should it be within Nlite when selecting driver PNP or textmodus?
  7. nLite dead end

    Couple of hours later now... Cleaned the xp-cd and Nlite picked it up now. Downloaded the 64 bit SATARAID v10.3.0.46 which I think is the one for my ASUS P5RDI-VM motherboard, and burned the iso-file. Plugged out my old HDD and plugged in the SSD. Installation started! But then the message nvrd64.sys is damaged... Looked an saw this file in the driverpack. Almost Christmas.
  8. nLite dead end

    Now trying another XP version, normal Microsoft, copying with Nlite to new folder starts but breaks off at the file Sample I.JP (cannot copy file).
  9. nLite dead end

    Still not ok. I´m using a window media center edition which is a product recovery cd that came along with my desktop when i bought it. Probarly not the whole windows.
  10. nLite dead end

    Hello everybody, In order to install sata-drivers I found out about Nlite. Problem is when pointing to the windows install folder which I created from the OS_CD-R, Nlite asks for the I386 file, which is right there in the install-folder. Selecting it or selecting the whole folder gives no result. What could be the problem?