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  1. That would, for sure, make more sense. But I managed to find the option when selecting the image in the file browser, after pressing 'Add...'. It's just to the left of 'Open'. 1x3 transparent png worked perfectly! (Sorry for missing something so obvious; it's hard to see when it's "right in front of you")
  2. I thought so too, but that does not happen when selecting the added icon and pressing 'Apply'. The only thing happening is that the icon is applied; no message about resizing to fit the taskbar.
  3. Sorry, but where (and how) can this option be changed?
  4. Thank you so much for this piece of software! I recently bought some licences and it's working amazingly at the moment. However, I have a feature request; would it be possible to have an option for hiding the start menu button? It's possible to use a blank start orb image, but that leaves you with an empty space to the left of the first pinned item. I would like for the first pinned item to be entirely to the left, with no extra space. This would (probably) mean that the start menu can only be opened using keyboard shortcuts.