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  1. Very cool, self-delete file thanks for help!
  2. with bat/cmd file work nice, but can't delete that command file from winrar folder with SFX comment, DELELETE work only for files before extraction
  3. I agree, but in this case why don't work that code: copy a.txt "%appdata%\winrar\" /yOr how can I use an internal command in SFX comment?
  4. Hy! After install Winrar with unattended SFX I want to load my winrar settings using this command in SFX comment: setup=copy settings.reg "%appdata%\winrar\" /yof course settings.reg is in ProgramFiles\WinRar WinRAR SFX return : Windows cannot find 'copy' ...  If I use Setup=use.batWhere use.bat file contain the same copy code (without setup= ) all work nice. SFX don't support copy command or syntax error ? thanks for help
  5. Unfortunatelly I don't see any screenshot in the post indicated