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  1. Ok so after reading your PM, old threads, etc. I realize my mistake and I apologize. So I should ask this then: Does anyone the 16-bit version of compress.exe from Microsoft? I have very very old versions that had SZDD and KWAJ compression but not a version with Quantum or MSZIP (if ever there was one). The compress.exe that I mention I got from an old FoxPro release BTW. So is there any compress.exe that is 16-bit and supports Quantum? Or was all Quantum compression handled in 32-bit from the get-go and am I chasing a "ghost"? PS: Would you mind sharing the 1.00.0520 version of DIAMOND/EXTRACT? Thanks.
  2. Good day, Microsoft's old DIAMOND.EXE program had a 16-bit version that I need for testing purposes. I have the 16-bit version of EXTRACT.EXE that is version 1.00.0530. DIAMOND.EXE of that same version is 32-bit though... The only way I know that this exists is from this reference at: http://www.mdgx.com/INF_web/diamond.txt So does anyone have a 16-bit version of DIAMOND.EXE from way back? Thanks.