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  1. Ok, now it should be ok. http://www.sendspace.pl/file/e949f8a97dfef0f9d3ee760
  2. Hi! Could you take a look at my trace? http://www.sendspace.com/file/o29ipz Thank you very much!!
  3. Hi! I do experience spikes and drops. Please help I have got DELL XPS 15. I've found out that ndis and usbport causes most troubles and I have already updated particular drivers but it seems it hasn't solved the problem. Here ia URL to my trace: My link
  4. Yeah - audio and video drops and distortion, even mouse pointer has issues!
  5. I use High Perfomance power plan. I disabled Core parking but it does not fix anything Also I am uploading LatencyMon results. O and on strange thing: every time I open minecraft.exe my computer seems to be working better - peaks are really rare.
  6. Oh I am so sorry - you are right - I run LatencyMon at same time, here is a link to correct file: LINK
  7. Hi guys! I have got similar problem with my DELL XPS 15 l502x - high DPC spikes. Interesting is that when I have spikes and change my Power Plan spikes disappear for short time - then they come back. Can you have a look at my etl file and advise me what to do? Thanks! Here is url : http://www.speedyshare.com/S4Cqj/DPC-Interrupt.etl