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  1. I recently installed a Zalman Heatsink/Fan on my CPU and I think I had unnecessarily tied up some of the power (I had things connected to each other that didn't even need to be connected, I know that's vague but I don't know how else to describe it). I cleared up that issue. My USB devices are my Das Keyboard, my Logitech G35 headset, and my mionix 5000 mouse. I connected both USB connecters for my Das Keyboard to the back, I've put my Mionix 5000 mouse also connected to the back (by back I mean Mobo) and my Logitech is connected to the Top of my PC (I have a LianLi case that has a slot on the top). So I made some USB changes and cleared up what I thought may be a power leak or some crap and it all seems to work so far. If the cackling comes back, Ill be back, if not, I want to thank you very much for your time!
  2. Hi Magic Andre and everyone else - I've sifted through countless google search pages, Microsoft forum threads, Tomshardware forum threads, any forum that I could possible find and have ended up here... I'm hoping one of you can help me smooth out my PC problem I can't get away from. I have constant high spikes in CPU usage; LatencyMon blames it on USBPORT.SYS. I have constant audio and visual problems (cackling and FPS loss) during these CPU spikes. Using Windows 7 Ultimate 500w powersupply MOBO: Biostar A870U3 CPU: AMD 965 BE Deneb Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Here is my .etl file - Use your Magic! If you need any other information that would help you help me, please let me know. I feel I have every single driver updated, I've reformatted a few times, I've updated every driver manually and also used DriverGenius software to upload all the drivers. My computer may seem to be fine for a little bit but the problem will always come back.