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  1. I beg your pardon.... I must be blind... WHAT LIST ?
  2. Ok Thanks.... As I said I'm no genius What or how do you integrate ?? Owen
  3. Slightly confused. I was sent to this site. Friends Hard drive crashed New hard drive.... I have the older Win XP Pro disks where SP2 & SP3 need to be added sepatately. His new drive is 500 GB it's formating at 131 GB. What do I need to do to expand the drive ??? I was told I need Windows XP with SP 2 & SP 3 combined. I have tried booting Win XP after dividing the drive to 60gb and rebotting. The remainder of the unformatted drive is unaccessible. In DOS it Boots to reprogram drive- open- only shows 60 gb. other disappeared If I need to download which order do I need to apply it to the other computer ?? I am no computer genius the simpler the better. Thanks, Owen