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  1. In our 2008R2 unattend.xml file, we had the following in the ,servicing> section: <servicing> <package action="configure"> <assemblyIdentity name="Microsoft-Windows-Foundation-Package" version="6.0.6001.18000" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="" /> <selection name="SNMP" state="true" /> <selection name="WMISnmpProvider" state="true" /> <selection name="MicrosoftWindowsPowerShell" state="true" /> <selection name="WindowsServerBackup" state="true" /> <selection name="WindowsServerBackupCommandlet" state="true" /> <selection name="NetFx3" state="true" /> <selection name="XPS-Viewer" state="true" /> </package> </servicing> For Server 2012, this has been reduced to: <servicing> <package action="configure"> <assemblyIdentity name="Microsoft-Windows-ServerCore-Package" version="6.2.9200.16384" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="" /> <selection name="SNMP" state="true" /> <selection name="WMISnmpProvider" state="true" /> <selection name="Server-RSAT-SNMP" state="false" /> </package> </servicing> Changing the "state='"false"" to a true value does not remove the validation alerts. I do have the amd_Microsoft-Windows-SNMP-Agent-Service_neutral added to the specialize pass. I have not reviewed setupact.log, and will do that on my next test build. Thanks!
  2. Has this been resolved? I just posted a similar (almost identical) question about SNMP in an unattended mode. In looking at the second link in post #3, I see the package name that needs to be defined, but exactly which section of the XML file does it need to reside in?
  3. .Our company uses SNMP for monitoring hardware alerts on our Windows server systems (HP ProLiant models). In Windows 2008 R2, this SNMP service includes the settings for Location, Contact, Security, etc. With Server 2012, when manually installing SNMP, the RSAT Tools are automatically included in the Feature install. The SNMP settings are defined via ACtive Directory group policy, so I am not concerned with the settings at installation time, as they will be populated once the server is joined to the domain. When trying to automate the installation via autounattend.xml, I have 4 validation warnings: "Windows Feature is enabled but one or more of its dependencies have not been enabled in the answer file." The sections that are referred to are from sections in "Packages/Foundation/amd64_Microsoft-Windows-ServerCore-Package_6.2.9200.16384__31bf3856ad364e35_/". See attachment "SNMP errors.pdf". The answer file is created and validated via System Image Manager v 6.2.9200.16384. Thanks in advance, Neal SNMP Errors.pdf