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  1. I see, Maybe I changed the sata settings for the wrong controller, I will double check (there are two on this motherboard). By tools do you mean spyware/antivirus/optimization stuff? I don't think there are anymore on here. I only had zonealarm and malwarebytes- malwarebytes I had removed a few days ago. For hardware I have a 1 dvd drive, 1 dvd rw, 1 floppy drive, 1 sata HDD, video card, audio card. Thanks, Andrew Yep, I activated it on the wrong sata plugs.... So I did the other and got BSOD. Maybe I'll try plugging the drive into the other sata plug and see what that does.
  2. Thanks! I'll look into the errors thing and see about re-running it. You are correct- my HDD stays active for a long time when I boot up.... I've moved my HDD to AHCI in BIOS, uninstalled ZoneAlarm, uninstalled AMD CCC, and disabled QBFMonitorService. I left Windows IMage Acquisition service since I do use my scanner/webcam/cameras often. (If I understand that service correctly I need those). Startup still seems super slow I've sent a new trace. THANK YOU! Andrew
  3. Hello! Thanks so much for your great help to everyone! Please allow me to join in the fun. =) I have installed the hotfixes you have listed, installed WPT, and attempted to run the verbosereadyboot thing that reboots 7 times... Although, that fails after rebooting the 2nd or 3rd time and says it can't wait for...prefetcher? anymore and gives up. I've tried it twice. So, no I am here to see if you could provide me with some personalized help to speed my bootup time! I have uploaded my trace file and PMd you the link and hopefully haven't missed out any details that I'm supposed to give you. Thanks so much! Andrew