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  1. Get Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 from MS Download Center instead of from Windows Update. these are probably newer than the ones found on WU. Also, you need to install updates KB2999226 and KB3118401 first before installing the VC+ Restributable 2015. If you can't install KB2999226 & KB3118401 thru Windows Update, try downloading them from either Microsoft Update Catalog or Microsoft Download Center.
  2. but only a few. There's the KB3184143 update that removes alot of the Get Win10 free stuff.
  3. The Win8 embedded standard updates made after Jan. 2016 can also be applied to the normal/client version of Win8 (so far). Open a Windows8-RT-KBxxxxx.MSU file in 7zip, and double-click on the corresponding "pkgProperties.txt" file and see this line: ApplicabilityInfo="Windows 8.0 Client;Windows 8.0 Embedded;Windows 8.0 Server;" that line means that an MSU update can be installed onto Win8.0 client, embedded & "server" editions (the last one being Windows Server 2012 R0)
  4. KB2756872 is for Win8.0 only. KB2919355 is for Win8.1 only. I'd just install Win8.1 refresh over Win8.0 from a DVD or usb installation media that has the KB2919355 (update 1) and KB3000850 (update 3) already integrated; saves a lot of time and headaches.
  5. thanks. though it can only install under an x64 edition of Win8.0 and there was no x86/32bit version available
  6. Besides, installing the latest Flash Player ActiveX update for IE, install updates KB3173424 (July 2016 servicing stack) AND KB3172614 (July 2016 update rollup). The KB3172614 update won't install without having either KB3021910 or KB3173424 update installed first. KB3172614 updates the Windows Update Agent/Client app on Win8.1. to v7.9.9600.18340, which has the proper "optimizations" mentioned in Microsoft KB article 3163023. The updated WUA for Win8.1 from the KB3161606 and KB3172614 updates makes svchost.exe use LESS RAM and WU scans should take between 3 to 6 minutes. By the way, under Win8.0 (build 9200), always takes between 10 to 15 minutes AND gobbles up to 2 GIGs of RAM (I'm not joking) when checking for updates - I measured how svchost.exe eats up between 1.5Gb to 2Gb of RAM with Task Manager on the Details tab during WU scans (enable Columns "CPU Time" and "Peak working set (memory)" for Task Manager). Latest versions of the Windows Update Agent are v7.8.9200.17172 (GDR) & v7.8.9200.21289 (LDR/QFE) from KB3013767 December 2014 update rollup for Win8.0. Installing the newest flash player activex update for Win8.0 doesn't do much to speed up WU scans on Win8.0. Also the latest Flash Player ActiveX update is KB3201860, even for Win8.0 embedded standard - I downloaded this fix myself from MS Update Catalog and it CAN install on the "client" version of Win8.0, even if MS dropped support for the client version of Win8.0 on 1/12/2016.
  7. That WUA app is v7.6.7600.320 for Win7 SP1, dencorso - that same package also includes v7.6.7600.256 for WinXP SP3, Vista SP2 & Win7 RTM/SP0 as I checked myself. That did nothing to solve the WU problem and is kinda outdated; but this newly released KB3161608 Update Rollup of June 2016 is what actually fixed the problem - KB3161608 updates the Windows Update Agent app to v7.6.7601.23453 and is now the latest version for Win7 SP1 Quote from Microsoft support KB article 3161647 - the KB3161647 fix is included in KB3161608: . Took Microsoft several months to finally figure out and resolve the WU problem on Win7.
  8. There's a recent fix to the Windows Update problem for Windows 7 - install the KB3161608 June 2016 Update Rollup for Win7 SP1, which includes an updated Windows Update Client fix from KB3161647 (released June 21). Although KB3161647 is not offered as an individual patch, it's part of the KB3161608 update rollup. I recently installed the KB3161608 update rollup onto all my Win7 PCs, and after a reboot, Windows Update displays a list of available updates after 5 to 10 minutes of searching for updates instead of searching for a few hours w/out the KB3161608 update installed.
  9. I did not encounter the problem on the 32bit version of Google Chrome v49.0.2623.112 on XP32 & XP x64. But attempting to run the 64bit version of Chrome v49.0.2623.112 produced an error message "The procedure entry point Wow64GetThreadContext could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll" on WinXP Pro x64 SP2. Chrome v50.0.2661.75 was the last one to actually run on Vista SP2 (not on XP) as I tested myself (both 32bit & 64bit versions). However v50.0.2661.87 & higher refused to install nor run on XP & Vista (looks like Google blocked the installation on that one). Anyways, I'll use the win32 (or 32bit) versions of new Firefox versions as they still support XP & Vista. The win64 editions of Firefox only run on Win7 & higher.
  10. Hewlett-Packard has a copy of the KB953028 hotfixes bundled in Softpaq sp41191.exe. "TITLE: DirectX Fix for HP xw9400 Workstations with AMD Opteron 2347 Quad Core Processors - Microsoft Windows XP (KB953028)", VERSION: 1.00 Rev. A
  11. I've used XP64 for a few months on a custom built PC (an Intel D101ggc board with Intel Pentium D 945 3.4ghz cpu, 2Gb of DDR1 SDRAM and 120Gb hard drive) and have no serious problems. one exception is the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Officejet 6500A Plus printer driver which did not install nor function on XP64 because it's not supported [but does support XP32, Vista32, Vista64 & higher] (d**n HP) - there are a handful of HP printers with drivers that won't support XP64 but do support XP32. on the other hand, my other printer (a Lexmark Impact S301) has drivers that do support XP64.
  12. dump MSE on any XP system as Microsoft stopped offering MSE definition updates sometime in 2015 for XP users. the recent virus definition updates for MSE no longer work on XP and require Vista SP2 or higher as I tested them myself. And here's the site where I got those XP64 updates made after April 2014 to July 2015:
  13. flash player was updated to on August 11 as noted in Adobe security bulletin APSB15-19. it should still function on XP. flash ActiveX download is for Internet Explorer, plugin is for Mozilla based browsers (Firefox/Seamonkey) and PPAPI is for browsers like Google Chrome and recent Opera browsers
  14. not really. DX12 is tied to wddm 2.0 spec and wddm 2.0 is a win10-only feature. the Direct3D 12 API requires WDDM 2.0.
  15. direct DL link for KB3023607 x86/32bit avoid installing KB3023607 on computers using Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client application. a "fix it" solution is posted in Microsoft support KB article 3023607 for this broken patch