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  1. Thx for the reply, but it seems i may be suffering from faulty disk drive, just now it started to do some scratchy noise thing. I have to start thinking of replacing it with an SSD maybe, have to research a bit to try and find one that fits on my laptop.
  2. After the last check on the normal boot command that you posted it rebooted i went and checked the event manager and it stated 60626ms, then after that did a cold boot after like 5 hours i think, and it showed 178786ms.
  3. Hi Magicandre1981, ive followed your guide in how to speedup the boot time on windows 7 to no avail it seems every time i do a cold boot it just takes longer to boot everytime its weird i thought that the performance would only start to decline once you installed something new or add something to the registry of windows. Or are you supposed to always do the Command prompt trick everytime a week ....