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  1. Can someone explain me how to install Beta 2? I haven't run any previous version and I don't know how to run Beta 2.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I just fixed that "offset shadow" thing, and now it looks cleaner. I wonder if you'd be willing to take a moment to try it again... Same link, updated file. http://Noel.ProDigit...ernateTheme.png Nothing is set in stone, and I'm willing to tweak it until you like it. Here's what it looks like now... -Noel Can somene explain me how can I create the VS on the screenshot with the first picture in this post? Or better, give me a download link for the VS? Thank you in advance!
  3. A friend of mine has no blur on the taskbar? Can someone help?
  4. How to make it run v.0.7, because in the .7z file there are 4 .pdb files, 1 .reg file, 1 .dll file?
  5. I get the blackscreen too. Hope soon will have a fix.