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  1. didnt found a solution for this problem i just made win 7 on vmware and everything works now. but thanks anyway for the help.
  2. hi im new here, im trying to integrate ie 9 and windows updates to my windows 7 iso using i have both version Microsoft Windows AIK. i have both version of 7 ultimate, windows 7 ultimate with sp1 and windows 7 sp1(.exe file). always same result Error 0x80070005 Access is denied, i open the dsim log and saw these error Failed to unload offline registry {bf1a281b-ad7b-4476-ac95-f47682990ce7}c:/mount/Users/default/ntuser.dat, the client may still need it open. i included the dsim log .txt file. i really need help guys i been working for 3 days now to integrate the updates and ie 9 only to my windows 7 iso rt seven lite doesnt work for me too so i use dsim/waik. i disable anti-virus even use msconfig and hide non- microsoft products disable all. still same result. i dont why. i follow the instruction here My link still failed. help pls