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  1. Thank You so much , thats what I thought it was, excuse my neewbishness, Im still learning, this is really a great program!! Better than nlite!! Do you plan on adding an option to add drivers to a windows 7 installation? I would love to see that!! I currently use DISM to add drivers...
  2. Hi, I cant find the distribution folder in the copied windows 7 installation cd? when I open it the copied cd I see boot, efi, langpacks, sources, support, upgrade, and the WPI folder that I copied to the root of the installation folder. When I open the sources folder I see $OEM$ folder, is this where I should copy the downloaded sources folder? thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I really appreciate this program unfortunately I am really new to this, so can I just add this new sources folder to the existing one on the windows 7 copied installation folder? or can I just copy the Setupcomplete.cmd script to the sources folder on the copied windows 7 installation folder? Thanks!!