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  1. you are probably right about that. anyway i think they are unable to find out what i did.
  2. yes, video card, HDD,... are powered. those two post were also made by me. anyway i tried that trick you mentioned. i found out there are two almost similar cards P67S-C43 and P67S-C43 (B3), but because i bought the computer in february 2011 i assume i have the P67S-C43 one. i have sometning else to tell. all my problems started, because i wanted to update bios using MSI live update 5. first i thought it is great they released that program, because i will not have to do anything in dos, but it did not turn out that well. after that i read most of people don not recommend updating from live update. having read links posted about i think i probably bricked my moba. if i did everyhing allright then the update file might have benn corrupted .i still have about a month of warranty left, but haven`t i voided my warranty doing something wrong.
  3. first thank you for response
  4. hello! i have a problem. a couple days ago i tried to update my BIOS (i have msi p67s-c43 motherboard), but something went wrong. my computer stopped working properely and i was recieving two beeps. after spending a day i managed to do the AMIBOOT.ROM trick with USB and i thought i wont have any more problems. but actually that flash did not work properely and now, i cannot do AMIBOOT.ROM flash again, and my motherboard is not responding anymore. i am not recieveing any beeps at start as i did before, even if i take RAM or other componens from the moba. but lights on moba are still turning on, when i start the computer and so do HDD, video card, .... now i do not know what to do in order to make my motherboard running well again. thanks for your help